The Naked Bee - Foaming Hand Soap in Orange Blossom Honey, 12 oz.

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You'll go so crazy for this product you'll be foaming at the hands for The Naked Bee's Foaming Hand Soap in Orange Blossom Honey.  No rabies shots required.  Just a shot of the good stuff.

Perfect for everyday use, this fine-feeling foam never leaves your hands feeling filmy or sticky, only soft and fresh.  It comes in a generous 12 oz. bottle.  Which should last you a while.  But we won't blame you for pumping out extra soap stuff just for its subtly intoxicating smell.  Orange Blossom Honey, The Naked Bee's signature scent, is a nose bee-dazzler.  It’s a delicate fragrance that breezes light citrus and pomegranate notes.

The hand soap's fabrication is just as fabulous as its fragrance and feel.  The Naked Bee's finely foaming, always honeycombing, Orange Blossom honeypot is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and certified organic.  A win-win-win.

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