The Naked Bee - Restoration Foot Balm in Orange Blossom Honey, 2 oz.

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Put your right foot forward.  And your left foot too.  Both will be your best feet when your feet are at their best.  Apply The Naked Bee's Restoration Foot Balm in Orange Blossom Honey liberally and as needed to dry, cracked feet.  Restore your rovers by getting moisture back in your skin, so you can get pep back in your step.

This powerful hydrator for sock stuffers makes skin win.  Its combined ingredients of beeswax, meadowfoam oil, neem, and honey work like a skin-saving symphony.  Together, they penetrate, soften, and soothe even the most heavily calloused of claws.  The Restoration Foot Balm is a magical healer of heels.  Of toes and feet too.  Your travelers will thank you even more when they get a whiff of The Naked Bee's sweet-smelling signature scent.  Orange Blossom Honey will leave no qualms about the balm's fragrance for floor hands.  If you want to regenerate your top feet too, pair this balm with your palms by palming The Naked Bee's Serious Hand Repair Cream in Orange Blossom Honey.

Treat your tootsies to a toe-tinglin' tranquility of super soft skin that can only come from using The Naked Bee's Restoration Foot Balm in Orange Blossom Honey.

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