The Naked Bee - Triple Milled Soap in Oatmeal and Honey, 2.75 oz.

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This Triple Milled Soap doesn't come from Mill Grove, the homeplace of the John James Audubon Center.  But it does come in Oatmeal and Honey from The Naked Bee.  And now it comes to you in a calming concoction of certified organic goodness.

The Naked Bee's body bar will inspire you to go for a scrub-a-dub-dub in your rub-a-dub-tub.  The soap's natural rolled oats give you a gentle cleanse, one that's gentle enough to use on your face.  Palm and coconut oils create a rich lather, while beeswax makes the soap bar hardy enough to last long.  Meanwhile, honey's anti-bacterial properties heal and protect your skin.  Finally, guar gum is a plant-based ingredient that adds extra creaminess to your lather.  The goodness of this Oatmeal and Honey body bar goes all the way around.

So far around that The Naked Bee's Triple Milled Soap doesn't just hit the right note.  It hits the right oat. 

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